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River Basin Management Scheme
Mar 20, 2014

The Cabinet Committee on Economic Affairs has recently approved the Central Sector Plan Scheme—River Basin Management (RBM) of the Ministry of Water Resources for the 12th Plan Period. The scheme will involve an expenditure of Rs. 975 crore as recommended by Expenditure Finance Committee during 12th Plan period.

The outcome of the scheme will be in the form of Detailed Project Reports (DPRs) of Irrigation/Multipurpose/River-link/Flood Management Projects. These DPRs establish the techno-economic viability of projects. Investment in the preparation of DPRs is expected to facilitate the optimal development of water resources/irrigation/multipurpose/river-link/flood management projects in the country as also creation of irrigation potential which would in turn facilitate increase in agricultural production. Further, the flood protection and anti-erosion measures would also assist in restoring valuable agricultural land and safeguard life and property.

The Centre unveiled a Draft River Basin Management bill which aims to set up 12 river basin authorities in the country to settle inter-state water disputes, prevent flood and pollution. This bill seeks to amend the River Boards Act, 1956, proposed to create a mechanism for integrated planning, development and management of water resources of a river basin. The current river boards do not have the provision. The bill proposes a two-tier structure for each of the 12 river. The upper layer will be called as Governing Council and lower layer will be called as Executive Board.

The governing council will be entrusted with the job of approving the river basin master plan to ensure sustainable river basin development, management and regulation. The executive board on the other hand will prepare schemes for irrigation, water supply, hydropower, flood control, pollution control and soil erosion.

While taking steps to enable the basin states to agree on implementing the river basin master plan, the authorities will also settle inter-state water disputes. If disputes could not be settled, matter can be referred to Inter State River Water Dispute Act, 1956 for adjudication. Every Basin will have its fund and budget and annual report will be placed by it in parliament.

The bill mentions that the governing council of the concerned river will use conciliation and mediation to solve disputes between two or more states over recommendations of the authority or refusal of the states to undertake steps in pursuing the river basin master plan. If the matter is not to be settled, the dispute will then be referred to the Inter State River Water Disputes Act, 1956 for adjudication.

The rivers covered under will be covering
Brahamani-Baitarini basin, Cauvery basin, Ganga basin, Godavari basin, Indus basin, Krishna basin, Mahanadi basin, Mahi basin, Narmada basin, Pennar basin, Subarnreakha basin and Tapi basin.

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