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Polavaram Project Controversy
Jul 21, 2014

The Indirasagar-Polavaram Multi-purpose Irrigation Project took a new turn with the passing of the Bill in the Lok Sabha, which paves the way for the Polavaram project in Andhra Pradesh by merging seven mandals in Khammam district with Seemandhra. The Centre will now have to float a company called Polavaram Construction Company as a special purpose vehicle and fund 90 per cent of the cost of the project. The Andhra Pradesh Reorganisation Amendment Bill was passed recently in in the Lok Sabha paved the way for construction of a national project at Polavaram in Andhra Pradesh. It clears many of the hurdles and obstructions in land acquisition process in the submerged villages of the project.

The Polavaram Project became controversial due to objections from Chhattisgarh and Odisha. After formation, Telangana has lately joined hands with the two states and is opposing the project pointing out that adivasis of seven mandals would be displaced with the project.

The proposed height of the dam is 150 feet. If it is reduced to 100 feet, only four villages will be submerged. But the Andhra Pradesh government is not ready to relent. Instead, it has been trying to get it increased to 154 feet to reduce the burden on projects on Krishna River to extend water to Rayalaseema through the Srisailam project. The Centre, however, might change the design of the project if the Central Water Commission advises so.

The Odisha government has opposed the embankments, stating that large reservoirs with high spillway capacities will be constructed on Kolab (Sabari), Balimela and Lower Sileru. Water from these reservoirs will flow into the Godavari, thus impacting submergence and harming the embankments’ safety. Chhattisgarh too is insisting on reducing the height to lessen the submergence and it has also been urging for the safety of embankments of Sabari River on its side.

The forest clearance to the Polavaram project was given on the condition that Andhra Pradesh would construct embankments to avoid submergence.

The Polavaram project is a multipurpose project irrigating an additional 7.2 lakh acres; stabilising the existing Krishna-Godavari combined irrigated area of 23.5 lakh acres; generating 960 megawatts of hydro power; transferring of 80 tmc of water from Godavari to the Krishna basin in addition to supplying 23.44 tmc of water to Visakhapatnam city for drinking and industrial purposes.

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