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Pitroda panel recommends autonomy for Prasar Bharati
Jan 25, 2014

A group of experts headed by Sam Pitroda has recommended more financial and administrative independence for Prasar Bharati, which runs Doordarshan and All India Radio, so that it can it changes into a 'genuine public broadcaster' as against a 'government broadcaster'. 

The committee has recommended on issues such as governance, funding, content, technology, social media and global outreach. It suggested re-organising the Prasar Bharati board to make it a professionally managed body while setting up a regulator to ensure accountability. 

It also sought to give the organisation the power to frame rules and regulations for its employees without requiring government approval as it recommended absorption of government employees as full-time staff of Prasar Bharati and hiring skilled professionals.

It also recommended monetising of all available archival and other assets of Prasar Bharati to enhance funding. 

It further suggested "undertaking a professional study to develop a funding mechanism for Prasar Bharati that addresses the need for autonomy with financial accountability. Such a funding model should include government, internal resource mobilisation and private investment.

The committee also encouraged outsourcing of content creation to external producers to attract high quality and diverse programme and creation of a distinct brand identities for different TV and radio channels, defining the content strategy for each. 

The committee also strongly batted for the use of social media by Prasar Bharati which can be implemented immediately and defining a social media strategy for the organisation. 

It also called for setting up of a 'Prasar Bharati connect' as a third arm of the public service broadcaster independent of DD and AIR and mandate it to manage the various social media initiatives of the organisation.

The committee sought expansion of satellite and digital cable TV operations to meet the obligations of public service broadcasting. 

It also pressed for digitalisation of the present AM radio system to a new radio transmission system after due evaluation, subject to cost and technical availabilities. 

The committee further suggested greater involvement of the private sector to expand broadcasting market with a view to effectively  tilize infrastructure being created by Prasar Bharati.

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