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Pact Ready for Seamless Transit of Vehicles in 4 SAARC Countries
Mar 28, 2015

India, Bangladesh, Nepal and Bhutan are expected to implement a pact soon that will provide seamless transit of passenger and cargo vehicles among these four SAARC nations. The agreement is awaiting approvals from the respective local authorities before it is implemented later this year. The text of a motor vehicle agreement among Bangladesh, Bhutan, India and Nepal (BBIN) as a sub-regional arrangement has been finalised in a meeting of Transport Secretaries of these countries.


Key Features

  • The pact can be implemented only after it is approved by the competent authorities in each country.

  • It is expected to be signed at a meeting of Transport Ministers of the four countries to be held this year.

  • The agreement draft of the BBIN motor vehicle agreement has provisions to enable more SAARC nations to join this framework. 

  • Once implemented, the agreement will reduce the costly and time-consuming unloading and loading of people and goods at border crossing points, making cross-border trade more efficient,

  • To reduce cost and time consuming process and make cross border trade and transport more efficient and to help transform transport corridors linking the four countries into economic corridors and enhance people to people contact.

  • It will be signed after the negotiations and detailed operating procedures and protocols are finalised among the four countries.

  • The agreement will allow passenger, personal and cargo vehicles to travel along designated key routes in the four SAARC countries without the need for trans-shipment of goods and passengers at the border crossings.

  • The sub-regional pact will be a parallel initiative to the proposed SAARC transport agreement for which efforts to find an early resolution would continue.

  • Building on the progress made in negotiating and finalising the SAARC Motor Vehicles Agreement, this pact will facilitate the transit of all types of vehicles between the contracting parties as is prevalent in other common markets like the European Union.

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