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North Korea Test-fires 30 More Missiles
Mar 24, 2014

North Korea has test-fired 30 short-range missiles into the Sea of Japan, the latest in a series of launches that have provoked criticism from South Korea and the USA.North Korea has launched short-range rockets into the sea off its east coast, which South Korean officials, is believed to be North Korea's way of protesting US-South Korean military drills.

At least 16 rockets flew about 60-km early on 23 March morning. The rockets flew about the same range as the 30 rockets the North fired on 22 March.

South Korea believes the North fired FROG rockets, which are unguided, old Soviet-developed missiles that North Korea has had since the 1960s. North Korea claims its rocket launches are part of routine drills and self-defensive in nature, but there have been an unusual number this year.

Some days ago, North Korea also fired 25 short-range rockets into the sea off its east coast. South Korea believes the short-range rocket launches conducted by the North this month are an armed protest against the South Korean-US military drills that are currently taking place.

North Korea has denounced the joint military exercises as a preparation for war, while South Korea and the USA have said the annual drills are defensive in nature. 

Early last year, North Korea conducted its third nuclear weapons test, having successfully launched a long-range rocket in 2012 that analyst said was aimed at proving technology for an intercontinental ballistic missile. Both of those are banned under United Nations sanctions.

The Korean Peninsula remains officially at war because the Korean War ended with an armistice, not a peace treaty.

South Korean-China meeting: As tension rise on the peninsula, the South's President Park Geun-Hye hold a summit with Chinese leader Xi Jinping and discussed issues including curbing the North Korea's nuclear ambitions. During their fourth summit, the two leaders were discussed issues including the North's nuclear arsenal.

Park and Xi met on 23 March on the sidelines of a nuclear security summit to be held in Hague. The leaders of the US, South Korea and Japan are also set to meet and discuss North Korea in the Netherlands next week while attending a nuclear security summit.

China is the isolated North Korea's sole major ally and economic lifeline and is seen as a key player in resolving the nuclear standoff with the North.

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