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New Revenue Code Implementation in Uttar Pradesh
Feb 15, 2016

A new revenue code for Uttar Pradesh is implemented from 11 February, aimed at doing away old laws relating land revenue and land reforms and greater dispute resolution. With the implementation of the code, old complicated revenue laws will get abolished and people will get simple and speedy justice.

  • After implementation of the new code 39 Acts, including Land Revenue Act, 1901 and Zamindari Abolition and Land Reform Act 1950 would get abolished.

  • The state government has started 'Jansunvai' portal for redressal of complaints.

  • The old law was very complicated and provision has been made in the new law under which procedural complications would be minimum and disputes could be sorted out in fixed time. 

  • Now, Dalits in Uttar Pradesh will be able to sell their land to non-Dalits without the approval of the administration.

  • The Revenue Code will bring radical changes in prevailing revenue laws dating to the British era, speeding up disposal of litigations in rural areas over land ownership. 

  • The new Revenue Code will allow Dalits to sell their land to non-Dalits even if their remaining holding is less than 3.5 acres. To safeguard land ownership of Dalits and protect them from being forced to sell their land to upper caste persons, the existing land revenue laws did not allow them to sell their land to OBCs and Upper Castes if their remaining land was less than 3.5 acres.

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