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New Delhi Ready to be First Wi-Fi Zone in India
May 21, 2014

The national capital, New Delhi, is all set to become the country's first ever Wi-Fi connected zone. NDMC has completed all the technical requirements for the same. The whole of New Delhi will come under Wi-Fi but in phased manner, starting from the Khan Market in first phase and the Connaught Place in second. The whole project is expected to be complete within a year.

NDMC has roped in Vodafone India for the Wi-Fi services and they have already started working on the project. The Wi-Fi facilities will be available in Khan Market within next 15 days. NDMC will not lease out the project to any private company. In fact, NDMC will be the sole caretaker of the project.

During budget presentation this year, NDMC chairperson had promised not only the implementation but also declaration of New Delhi as India's first Wi-Fi enabled city within the year.

The Wi-Fi will be available free of cost for the first 15 minutes to the users, after which the user will be charged.

The New Delhi Municipal Council was working towards making areas under its jurisdiction wi-fi zones and had finalised a design for common streetlight poles which will have wi-fi antennas, security cameras and LED lights to save costs.

This is a part of the civic body’s welfare measures. Wi-fi facilities are available for free in major cities in the world. The idea is to provide a way in which people can use it for emergency purpose if they need to look up a hospital or call for help.

With a provision of Rs.10 crore for new projects under the Budget, the NDMC also plans to introduce a CCTV-based system to monitor the entire public space which will go beyond crime and accident control and also facilitate assistance to senior citizens, women and children.

Wi-Fi is the standard protocol used to connect to the Internet wirelessly from a laptop or mobile device. If you have a laptop or other device with wireless network (wifi) capability, you can access the internet using their hotspot.

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