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National Livestock Mission
Sep 18, 2014

Launched in FY 2014-15 National Livestock Mission (NLM) shall ensure quantitative and qualitative improvement in livestock production systems and capacity building of all stakeholders. A Sub-Mission under NLM on Fodder and Feed Development will try to address the problems of scarcity of animal feed resources, in order to give a push to the livestock sector making it an economically viable enterprise for India, and also to harness its export potential.

The biggest impediment to growth of dairy and livestock productivity is the large-scale prevalence of animal diseases like FMD, PPR, Brucellosis, Avian Influenza etc, which adversely affect the productivity. Taking into account the fact that effective control of a number of animal diseases requires national strategy; the existing scheme of livestock health has been strengthened. Foot and Mouth Disease Control Programme (FMD-CP) which was under implementation in 221 districts since August, 2010, was extended to all the remaining districts of Uttar Pradesh and all the districts of Rajasthan during 2013-14 thus covering 313 districts as of now. It has been decided that FMD-CP will be extended to whole of India during 12th Plan subject to availability of funds and vaccine.

Increase in milk production has to be achieved by increasing productivity of the milch animals rather than increase in the number of animals. In order to encourage farmers to produce more milk, effective system of milk collection has to be ensured so that the farmer is assured of selling his produce at a profitable price which can be ensured by putting in place an effective procurement systems connecting milk producers.

Steps are needed to reduce wastage of milk by expanding the cold chain infrastructure in the rural areas to collect and preserve milk till such time it is collected for sale or taken for processing. Systematic planning has to be done for location of bulk milk coolers so that farmers from neighbouring villages can easily access them.

Rashtriya Gokul Mission has been initiated with the aims to conserve and develop Indigenous Breeds in a focused and scientific manner. Rashtriya Gokul Mission is a focused project under National Programme for Bovine Breeding and Dairy Development, with an outlay of Rs.500 crore during the 12th Five Year Plan. During 2014-15, Rs.150 crore has been allocated for development, preservation and conservation of indigenous breeds.

The government is also proposing to establish Rashtriya Kamdhenu Breeding Centre for development, conservation and preservation of Indigenous Breeds as a Centre of Excellence to develop and conserve Indigenous Breeds (37 Cattle and 13 Buffaloes) in a holistic and scientific manner with the aim of enhancing their productivity and upgrading genetic merit. 

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