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Mount McKinley is being Renamed Denali
Sep 07, 2015

On the eve of President Obama's recent presidential visit to Alaska, Mount McKinley's name is officially being changed to Denali. The US administration announced that the peak formerly known as Mount McKinley will henceforth be known as Denali, its traditional Native Alaskan name.

  • The mountain was officially named after President William McKinley in 1917, a gesture originally proposed by an Alaska gold prospector in recognition of McKinley's support for the gold standard.

  • The Denali name is widely supported by Alaskans regardless of ethnicity.

  • The area around the mountain is inhabited by the Koyukon people, an Athabascan-speaking group of native Alaskans.

  • Their traditional name for the mountain is Denali (The High One), fitting for the tallest peak in North America.

  • Denali, was the original name of the mountain. But when European Americans discovered it in the 19th century, they renamed it Densmore's Mountain.

  • Later, Mount McKinley in an effort to boost the presidential candidacy of Republican William McKinley.

  • When Alaska was under Russian rule, the mountain was known as Bolshaya Gora (Big Mountain).

  • In 1975, Alaska petitioned for the name to be changed.

  • Alaskans have pressed for the change for years, even though the national park that contains the mountain was renamed Denali in 1980.

  • Mount McKinley is the 20,237 feet high mountain and the tallest in North America.


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