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Megalithic Graves Found Near Nagarjunasagar Dam
Sep 08, 2015

In a rare archaeological find, the Department of Archaeology and Museums officials have found about 200 megalithic burial sites on the Nagarjunasagar reservoir bed. 

  • The sites surfaced recently after the water level in the dam receded below the minimum draw down level.

  • These people lived there between 1,000 BC and 2nd Century AD and they could have used the area located exactly under Nagarjunasagar reservoir bed as their community burial site. 

  • This conclusion was based on finding a large number of stone circle burials at one spot.

  • Proofs are found that the people had made the Nagarjunasagar backwater area, where the river Krishna and its tributary Dindi converge, their habitation some 3,000 years ago with this finding.

  • Several excavations in the past had proved that civilisations had flourished on the river banks due to water availability and the finding of the burials was very close to river would support that theory again.

  • This excavation would provide an insight into the lifestyle of people who lived in that era.

  • It seems there was a practice of burying various belongings used by the dead along with the body.

  • Such belongings will certainly help archaeologists to know about religion, food habits, occupation and others details related to the people buried here.

MEGALTHIC PERIOD: Most of the megalithic cultures are made by stone blocks, available in nature. A few of them are slightly shaped; others are rude. The types have been distinguished on the basis of the number of stone blocks and their position of placement. Food and personal belongings like weapon, ornaments, stone tools etc. were provided therewith, as a rule. 

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