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Iran Removed from the Restricted Visa List
Aug 25, 2015

The Indian government has removed Iran from the list of countries put under the restricted visa category, indicating that it wants to reach out to the Persian Gulf nation. India sees Iran as a key supporter in the wake of the growing threats and influence of Islamist terror groups such as the Islamic State in Central Asia.

  • India has liberalised its visa policy for Iran and struck it off the prior referral category (PRC) of countries. 

  • Three categories of visas—employment, conference, students and research visa—were on the restricted list till now. 

  • Now Iran is no longer on the PRC list, which has countries such as Pakistan, Bangladesh and China. 

  • Now Iranians can easily apply for visas at Indian consulate in Iran and each application will not have to be forwarded to Intelligence Bureau and Research and Analysis Wing in New Delhi for verification. 

  • The two countries have agreed to facilitate development in various fields including ports, north-south corridor, petrochemicals, steel industries, pharmaceuticals, and medical equipment. 

  • In May this year, India inked a memorandum of understanding to develop the Chabahar Port in Iran. 

  • India is keen to open new avenues of connectivity with Iran, which will pave the way for its entry into Afghanistan and the Central Asian region. 

  • The decision also comes in wake of the P5 + 1 (U.K, China, France, Russia, U.S. and Germany) nations clinching a nuclear agreement with Iran, easing economic sanctions on it.

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