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Interactive information superhighway launched to bridge digital divide
Nov 20, 2013

The United Nations has launched an interactive map of the information superhighway to show policy makers and investors the location of the missing links in the digital divide in the Asia-Pacific region. The ITU Interactive Terrestrial Transmission/ESCAP Asia Pacific Information Superhighway Maps aims to play an important role in efforts to bring affordable information and communication technology (ICT) and broadband connectivity to all.

According to the interactive map digital divide in Asia Pacific region is linked to income divide, a gender divide, an education divide and knowledge divide.  Only 7 per cent of people in the Asia Pacific region have fixed broadband access. The region has both the world’s highest and lowest penetration rates for fixed broadband, with the Republic of Korea at 37.56 per cent and Myanmar at 0.01 per cent.

Rising inequality – both income and non-income – also poses one of the greatest challenges in Asia-Pacific and technological progress has often widened these gaps, separating those with education and knowledge from those without. This can only be reduced by increasing connectivity.

The maps will also empower network planners, policy-makers and regulators from developing countries, and provide a “powerful tool” to assess marker opportunities.


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