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Indian Mars Mission Enters Red Planet Sphere;
Sep 23, 2014

India Successfully Test Fires Mars Orbiter Engine

A testing of a key engine that is crucial to India’s Mars Orbiter Spacecraft’s insertion into the orbit of Mars on September 24 was successfully conducted on 22 September. The Liquid Apogee Motor had been tested successfully at 2.30 pm. The engine had been lying dormant for the last 300 days, since the December 1, 2013 Trans Mars Insertion process, that sent the Mars Orbiter on its way on a 666 million km route to Mars. ISRO tested the LAM engine with a new valve to supply the fuel since an earlier valve used 300 days ago could be subject to corrosion. The engine was fired for four seconds using 0.5 kg of fuel to slow the spacecraft down by 2.4 metres per second. The firing of the engine takes the spacecraft to a 515 km distance from Mars. A 24 minute firing of the engine on 24 September will slip the spacecraft into 423 km x 80,000 km orbit around Mars. The successful testing of the engine on Monday means ISRO can implement its Plan A on 24 September  instead of relying on eight small thrusters to guide the spacecraft under a Plan B where the orbit would be much higher. 

Over the last few days, a hotline connecting scientists at the mission operations room at the Indian Space Research Organisation’s Telemetry, Tracking and Command centre in Bangalore with scientists from NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) in Goldstone, California, and Canberra, Australia (where NASA operates Deep Space Networks), has been buzzing constantly. 

At 7.30 am on September 24, exactly 48 hours after US Scientists navigate the entry of the Maven into the Mars orbit, 250 technicians from NASA’s JPL in California and Canberra throw their weight and the might of four 71-metre antennas behind ISRO’s mission operations centre to communicate with the Mars Orbiter. At that moment, the Orbiter will be about 224 million km away from Earth.

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