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India won't Support Sanctions Against Russia
Mar 24, 2014

A day after Russian President Vladimir Putin called Prime Minister Manmohan Singh to explain the issue regarding Crimea and the western sanctions against Russia, India opposed such steps saying it will not support any unilateral measures against Russia. However, White House indicated that the US wants India to condemn the Russian military action in Crimea because Russian President Vladimir Putin was on the wrong side of history.

Indian Government said, “India has never supported unilateral sanctions against any country. Therefore, we will also not support any unilateral measures by a country or a group of countries.” Though no official stance has been revealed on the issue, but it is clear that India will do a balancing act. India has stated its position to not support unilateral sanctions by any country unless authorised by the UN. Although, India does not favour referendums for breaking up a country, India recognises the legitimate interests of Russia in Ukraine. 

The remarks came a day after Russian president Vladimir Putin explained the situation to Manmohan Singh, who underlined India’s position on unity and territorial integrity of countries and hoped a diplomatic solution would be found to the issue.

As the Obama Administration intensified its global effort to garner support for Ukraine, the White House said it is looking at the international community, including India, to condemn Russia’s action.We have been consulting closely with our partners and allies in Europe and the G-7 on Ukraine but also with other nations around the world.  

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