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India to Deploy Global Calculator to Study Climate Impact
Feb 16, 2015

Nearly 20 nations, including India, will deploy a global calculator, similar to those launched in London and Beijing recently, to calculate climate impact scenarios in their territories. Some have already developed the calculator and others are in the process of creating their own versions of it.

 Key Features 

  • 11 countries, including India, were using this tool and 9 more were preparing their own versions.

  • It was a free, open-source interactive tool to help assess climate change scenarios over a period and make changes in lifestyle.

  • The calculator could illustrate climate impacts based on different choices and was linked to the latest Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) reports.

  • The idea was to introduce three main principles in calculating the impacts of climate change: transparency, collaboration and simplicity. 

  • The calculator could look at transport efficiency, renewable energy, crop yields and forests.

  • The world could have good living standards if green technology was taken seriously.

  • Humans need a radical move to low-carbon electricity and should allow forests to regenerate.

  • Businesses and government, apart from schools and universities, are using this tool (calculator), and some countries and cities are developing their own specific tools as well.

  • The general public found it difficult to use them to envisage scenarios. This calculator opened up possibilities for a larger audience.

  • The calculator in Excel format could be used by policymakers, companies, governments and even school children.

  • India was among the first countries to develop its own tool to assess energy security which was launched last year.

  • A newer version of the Indian Energy Security Scenarios (IESS) would be out soon. The tool was an improved version, which looked at all options in India, including emissions while calculating scenarios.

  • Colombia had developed a country calculator to present its Intended Nationally Determined Contributions (INDC) later this year before the climate change talks at Paris. The calculator allowed for the use of temperature as a factor, but could not make calculations based on how much developed countries needed to do or pay.


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