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India launched new measures to help illegal workers in Saudi Arabia
Nov 07, 2013

With the launch of the Nitaqat law (implemented by the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia), which makes it mandatory for Saudi Companies to reserve 10 per cent of jobs for Saudi nationals, has created huge problem for Indian workers in Saudi Arabia. 

India has launched fresh efforts to help those who could not avail a seven-month amnesty for illegal foreign workers in Saudi Arabia. The new labour law has resulted in nearly 1.35 lakh Indians leaving the Kingdom.

During the grace period till October-end period, 4,34,667 Indians transferred their services to other firms, 4,81,233 Indians changed their jobs or profession and over 4,70,000 Indians renewed their licenses or job permits.

There are over 600 registered volunteers who are working along with Arabic-speaking officials at labour offices across the country to help Indians workers. A 24-hour helpline is also open.

Foreigners who have not corrected labour and residency status are being arrested and deported from the Gulf Kingdom.

The 2.8 million plus strong Indians in Saudi Arabia is the largest expatriate community in the country.

Provisions of the nitaqat law are:

Under the new Nitaqat system, companies will be labelled as “blue or premium”, “green”, “yellow”, or “red” depending on the level of Saudi workers in them to comply with established workers. It assigns different nationalization rates according to the size and activity of companies, so smaller companies have smaller overall quota requirements than larger ones do.

Companies with less than 10 employees will not fall under the Nitaqat program.

Foreign workers employed by companies that are not in compliance with the country's  Saudization quotas (categorized as "red" and "yellow" companies under Nitaqat) may  change their employment and work for companies that in compliance (known as "green" companies) without acquiring permission from their employees at non-complying companies. Red companies will not be allowed to renew work visas for their foreign employees. Foreign workers employed by companies categorized as “red” must seek employment with a "green" company before their visas expire. 

Yellow companies may renew work visas for up to six years for each foreign employee, but this time limit applies retrospectively. This means that a foreign worker who has worked for four years for a company that is classified as Yellow company under Nitaqat can only renew his visa with that employer for an additional two years or until that employer's status switches to green, whichever comes first.  


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