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India has the Third Largest Ecological Footprint
Oct 04, 2014

Carbon Footprint means humanity's demand on the planet. According to The Living Planet Report 2014 brought out by WWF and Global Footprint Network, after China and USA, India has the third largest ecological footprint in the world. China's share of ecological footprint is a massive 19 %, followed by USA's 13.7 % and India at 7.1 %, said. The top five countries, which include Brazil and Russia, make up about half the global total. Humanity currently needs the regenerative capacity of 1.5 earths to provide the ecological goods and services we use each year.

China is ranked 76th in its per capita footprint but has the world's biggest national population and hence has the planet's largest national footprint. India shifts from having the 136th largest footprint per capita to the third largest in total after multiplying population with per capita demand.

The report underlines the importance of the choices we are making every day and their impact on the planet. It is imperative to take steps to ensure that all future development is sustainable.  As per the report the population of fish, birds, mammals, amphibians and reptiles has declined by 52 percent in the 40-year period. It also highlights the dire situation of local populations due to increasing water scarcity and the alarming situation of depleting ground water resources and aquifers in countries like India, Australia and the United States.

These three countries with the highest water footprint also contain eight of the top ten most populous river basins experiencing almost year-round scarcity, a problem that is likely only to get compounded by climate change, population growth and developmental imperatives.  

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