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India-Sweeden Inked 6 Agreements; Strategic Talks Back on Track
Jun 04, 2015

India and Sweden signed six agreements, including in the field of polar research and for boosting trade, during the visit of President Pranab Mukherjee to the key Arctic Council member, in the first-ever visit by an Indian head of state.

1. MoU on cooperation in Sustainable Urban Development:

  • Dialogue and interaction on global sustainable urban development issues.

  • Exchange of knowledge

  • Institutional cooperation including capacity building

  • Research and development

  • Commercial relations regarding sustainable urban development.

2. MoU for cooperation in the field of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSME):

  • Promoting partnership projects.

  • Institution to institution and enterprise to enterprise cooperation relating to MSMEs.

  • Encourage exchange of information and experiences in policy setting and research on the development of MSMEs.

  • Feasibility studies to identify thrust areas.

  • Opportunities for development of MSMEs.

  • Facilitating exchange of business mission.

3. Letter of Intent between India's Earth System Science Organisation and the Swedish Polar Research Secretariat:

  • For collaboration in polar and ocean research.

  • To encourage collaboration in the areas of polar (Antarctic and Arctic) and ocean research by enhancing scientific capabilities.

  • Conducting joint research and survey activities.

  • Exchange of informational material on education, training and research matters.

4. MoI between the Indian Council of Medical Research and the Swedish Research Council for Health Working Life and Welfare:

  • For recording the intention of both institutions to cooperate in the field of ageing research and health.

5. MoI between India's Central Drugs Standard Control Organization and the Swedish Medical Products Agency:

  • Complimentary to the ongoing cooperation between India and Sweden covering the area of health, is for increasing bilateral cooperation in the fields of pharmacovigilance, electronic submissions in related matter, clinical trials, drugs, medical devices and diagnostic kits, cosmetic and hygiene products and for exchange of information and experiences regarding good manufacturing practice.

6. Visa Exemption for Diplomatic Passports:

This will facilitate India and Sweden strengthening their friendly relations by facilitating the entry of citizens of both nations holding diplomatic passports.

♦ 15 agreements between various universities of India and Sweden were also signed.

Both Countries also agreed to resume he bilateral Strategic Dialogue after a gap of four years besides finding ways for investment by the Nordic country in India’s defence sector under the ambitious ‘Make in India’ initiative. It was agreed that the two countries would re-start their strategic dialogue between the two National Security Advisers.

A Memorandum of Understanding on Defence between Sweden and India was signed in November, 2009. The MoU sets out several areas for cooperation between the defence authorities of the countries for the purpose of mutual benefit.

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