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India Placed 37th in Government Transparency Index
Apr 02, 2015

India ranks 37 out of 102 countries on the Open Government Index 2015, which ranks countries on how transparent their governments are and the ease with which citizens can hold their government accountable. 

The report, released recently by Washington-based World Justice Project, is a perception survey on a random sample in three cities in each country, and has also interviewed experts in the field of transparency. 

  • The index used four dimensions to measure government openness: 1. Publicised laws and government data, 2. Right to information, 3. Civic participation and 4. Complaint mechanisms.

  • Scores range from 0 to 1 (with 1 indicating greatest openness).

  • High income countries such as Sweden, New Zealand, Norway, Denmark and Netherlands topped the list. 

  • Richer countries rank higher as they have more resources and more people connected to the internet. 

  • The top three overall performers are Sweden (Rank 1), New Zealand (Rank 2) and Norway (Rank 3).

  • The bottom three are Myanmar (100), Uzbekistan (101) and Zimbabwe (102).

  • United Kingdom was ranked 8th on the list, while the United States was placed in the 11th place.

  • Of the four parameters used to rank countries, for publicised laws and government data, India was assigned a score of 0.54 and was placed at the 27th position globally. In terms of right to information (0.50, 66 rank), civic participation (0.65, 39th rank) and complaint mechanisms (0.58, 43 rank). 

  • In India, the survey was carried out in Mumbai, Delhi and Bangalore. 

  • India topped the regional ranking among South Asian countries, followed by Nepal (40), Sri Lanka (52), Bangladesh (73), Pakistan (83) and Afghanistan (89).

  • In BRICS countries Russia was ranked at the 67th position and China was placed further down at 87th place.

  • Countries, like Germany, do not have a freedom of information law, but score well on open governance. 

  • The study showed that worldwide 40% of those surveyed were aware of laws supporting their right to access government data.

The WJP Open Government Index 2015 presents scores and rankings for 102 countries and jurisdictions. Scoring is based on answers from a representative sample of 1,000 respondents in the three largest cities per country and a set of in-country practitioners and academics.

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