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IPCC Report Cautioned on Fossil Fuel
Feb 01, 2015

According to a recent study, the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) headed by Chairman, Rajendra Pachauri has warned countries to dwindle emissions produced by burning fossil fuels in order to lessen the damage caused to the environment.

  • IPCC has warned of severe, pervasive and irreversible impacts of the Global Warming if these emanations are not reduced well on time.

  • It has been cautioned that greenhouse gas levels are at their highest point in 800,000 years and recent escalation is mainly due to burning fossil fuels.

  • These issues have been debated for more than 20 years and ultimately will be signed in 2015, in Paris.

  • Governments aim to limit average surface temperature rises to 2 degree Celsius above pre-industrial times. To achieve this desired temperature below 2 degree Celsius, world’s emission of fossil fuel gases must fall down to near zero by 2100.

  • Continuous release of greenhouse gases tends to increase average temperature of the planet.

  • The warming hence caused contributes towards long-lasting and irreversible changes in various components of the climate system.

  • Limiting climate change would require substantial and sustained reductions in greenhouse gas emissions which, together with adaptation, can limit climate change risks.

  • The UN association will not impose strict rules and syntax over any country, for it would be unfair.

  • Each country would decide itself how much efforts will it put in for limiting global warming.

  • This will be documented till 2020.

Human activities are major supplier of global warming which causes casualties such as rise in sea-water levels, acidification of ocean, reduction in snow and ice; and it is extremely likely to have been the dominant cause of warming since mid-20th century. Apparently, governments make delays in implementing comprehensive emission cuts, so it is just hoped that this time, alarming situations might help in realizing the predicted goals.

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