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IAF Shows its Might in Exercise 'Iron Fist'
Mar 22, 2016

Indian Air Force’s day-night exercise demonstrating its combat and fire power (Iron Fist) was conducted on 18 March at Rajasthan’s Pokhran firing range in the presence of President Pranab Mukherjee and Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

The event comprised six packages depicting six themes in which more than 180 aircraft, including fighters, transport and helicopters participated.

6 Themes of the Exercise

1. Fly Past:

  • The great journey of the IAF over eight decades was summed up by means of this package, with the aircraft of yesteryear flying wing to wing along with the latest acquisitions of the Indian Air Force.

  • The Real Time Recce capability of the IAF was displayed by a Jaguar aircraft.

  • Vintage aircraft flypast by ‘Tigermoth’ evoked the memories of the birth of military aviation in India and was followed by the Pilatus, the latest trainer aircraft of the IAF.

  • The fly past by a mixed formation comprising a MiG-21 Bison, MiG-27 Upgrade, MiG-29 and the mighty Su-30, showcased the transformation of the IAF over the decades.

2. Net Enabled Operations:

  • This segment commenced by the fly past of the indigenously developed Airborne Early Warning and Control System and the display of AWACS aircraft.

  • The flypast was followed by a synchronized multiple aircraft weapon delivery demonstration of precision based bombing at simulated enemy targets by Mirage-2000, Su-30, MiG-27 Upgrade aircraft and the Jaguar.

3. Air Defence Operations:

  • After demonstrating the offensive capabilities, the exercise demonstrated the multi-layered Air Defence Operations of the IAF.  It comprised of the fly past by the Flight Refuelling Aircraft (IL-78 FRA) along with two Su-30 aircraft and the indigenously built Light Combat Aircraft ‘Tejas’, which displayed its swing role attack capabilities by delivering Laser Guided Bomb (LGB) followed by firing an air to air missile, engaging both targets with deadly precision.

  • This phase also included Surface to Air Guided Weapons like the IGLA shoulder-fired missile system and the OSA-AK missiles striking down airborne targets successfully.

  • There was also a spectacular simulation of a Combat Search and Rescue operation carried out by the IAF’s versatile helicopters, the Mi-35, Mi-25 and Mi-17V5.

4. Combat Support Operations:

  • This phase showcased the very important role played by the Indian Air Force in support of the ground forces.

  • There were numerous targets simulating the enemy’s vital assets, engaged on the ground from the air by a variety of aircraft on the IAF’s inventory.

  • Apart from the fighters, the assault landing capability of versatile C-130 J aircraft and the fire-fighting capability of the Mi-17V5, were also displayed in this phase.

5. Flying Displays:

  • After the demonstration of live weapon, an array of aerobatic displays by the Sarangs, the Suryakirans and the Su-30 enthralled the audience.

  • The Air Warrior Drill Team (AWDT) and Air Force Symphony Orchestra (AWSO) enthralled the audience with their performances.

6. All Weather Operations:

  • In night, the night capabilities of the IAF came to the fore. A number of targets were engaged in this phase by fighters, transport aircraft and helicopters using rockets as well as bombs.

  • The ‘Searchlight’ and Slithering Operations engaged the attention of the audience while the Combat Free Fall during the night phase showed how the IAF could take on insertion of troops in the enemy territory undetected.

  • The Akash Missile firing was a first in the history of Fire Power Demonstration.

The final event of the exercise was the awesome display of firepower by a MiG-27 Upgrade aircraft, giving a befitting close to a grand display. Exercise Iron Fist showcased more than 22 types of platforms and Weapons Systems.  Frontline fighter aircraft including Sukhoi-30, Mirage-2000, Jaguar, MiG-29, Attack helicopters, Remotely Piloted Aircraft and high tech AWACS displayed their potential during the show in which prestigious indigenous project—Light Combat Aircraft ‘Tejas’ was also a part.  Transport aircraft like AN-32, Embraer, IL-76, IL-78 and C-130J participated in all their glory while medium lift helicopters  (Mi-17, Mi-17 1V, Mi-17 V5) and attack helicopters (Mi-25, Mi-35) constituted the rotary wing ingredients.

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