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First Sign of Dark Matter Spotted?
Jan 03, 2015

A signal discovered by scientists is thought to be the first physical evidence of Dark Matter. If confirmed, astronomers may finally have found first evidence of Dark Matter, a development which could start a new era in astronomy. Astronomers may finally have detected a signal of dark matter, the mysterious stuff that is thought to make up most of the material universe. A signal picked up by scientists is thought to be the first direct evidence of Dark Matter. Thus, the Dark Matter mystery seems to be solved in near future.

Researchers of the European Space Agency stated that they've detected a strange spike in X-rays coming from two cosmic locations, the Andromeda Galaxy and the Perseus Cluster. The astronomers think the strange emissions could be the signal of dark matter. If so, it would be first physical proof of dark matter.

After a decades-long search, astronomers may finally have found the first sign of Dark Matter. That's the invisible substance that scientists believe makes up the bulk of our universe, since visible matter accounts for only about 20 percent of our universe's mass.

While scientists can observe Dark Matter indirectly by looking at its gravitational effects on visible matter, they have struggled to come up with tangible evidence that proves the stuff exists until now.

Recently, a team of researchers from Switzerland and the Netherlands announced that they may have detected the signal of decaying dark matter particles. For the research, the team analyzed the X-rays emitted from two celestial objects—thePerseus Galaxy Cluster , an array of galaxies located approximately 250 million light years from Earth, and our sister galaxy Andromeda, which is approximately 2.5 million light years away. The researchers looked at data collected by the European Space Agency's XMM-Newton telescope and spotted a mysterious anomaly that could not have been emitted by any known atom or particle.

Confirmation of this discovery may lead to construction of new telescopes specially designed for studying the signals from Dark Matter particles.

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