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First Indo-Bangladesh Joint Border Guarding Forces Exercise
Mar 31, 2016

As India and Bangladesh seek to improve coordination in border management and creating deterrence against cross-border smuggling, the two countries recently conducted their first ever joint exercises in the Sundarbans.

  • India’s Border Security Force (BSF) and Bangladesh’s Border Guard Bangladesh (BGB) held the joint drill Sundarbans Maitri with troopers, including dog and bomb squads.

  • The two countries have intensified cooperation in a host of areas including defence and security.

  • They carried out joint searches of cargo vessels on the Ichhamati river.

  • The drill can be a big deterrent to smugglers and criminals who will have to deal with the combined efforts of both the forces.

  • Two floating border outposts (BOPs) of BSF—Kamakhya and Durga—along with BGB Ship Shahjalal were deployed in the waters of the Ichamati along the international border that serves as the international border between the two countries.

  • After conducting the joint exercise successfully, the BSF and BGB said that the exercises could become a regular affair in the future.

  • Both countries plan to extend the joint exercise on land as well to make it a part of coordinated border management plan.

  • The joint exercise would be extended on land as well to make it part of a coordinated border management plan.

  • About cross-border smuggling, both BSF and BGB said that smuggling of cattle has come down by nearly 60 to 70 per cent in the recent times.

  • BSF officials also flagged concerns about smuggling of Fake Indian Currency Notes.

India-Bangladesh Border Management

India and Bangladesh share proximity of culture, history, language and geography. In spite of this intimate relationship, ties between the two countries have remained problematic. Among the many challenges facing the relationship are river water sharing, trade and transit, illegal migration and border management.

  • Bangladesh shares land boundary with two countries—one is India and another is Myanmar. In 4289 km land boundary Bangladesh shares only 193 km with Myanmar; another 4096 km boundary is shared with India.

  • It is one of the longest borders between two countries.

  • It is the 3rd longest border between two countries.

  • The border between Kazakhstan and Russia is 6846 km.

  • The border between United States and Canada is 8893 km.

  • Border between Bangladesh and India is a very long border. Bangladesh shares border with five states of India. Including these five states Indian state West Bengal shares half of the total border. Bangladesh and West Bengal share 2217 km border.

The boundary between Bangladesh and West Bengal is not a natural boundary. All are manmade boundary. In some places, the boundary line divided a house into two parts. One part is in India and another part is in Bangladesh. The people of both the sides of the border are of same language, culture and they look alike. Besides that, border with Bangladesh and Assam, Tripura, Mizoram, Meghalaya are also same; all the borders are manmade and most of the people belong to same language and culture. They also look alike. That is why; it is true that, management of this type of border is not easy.

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