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Expert Group on Tackling Cyber Crime Submitted its Report
Sep 26, 2015

An Expert Group constituted by the Ministry of Home Affairs submitted its report on Roadmap for Effectively Tackling Cyber Crimes in the Country to the Ministry of Home Affairs after examining the global practices on cyber crime prevention.

The five-member Expert Study Group made its recommendations on measures required to control cyber crime including legal and technical measures.

Main Objective

  • Preparing a Roadmap for effectively tackling the Cyber Crime in the country and give suitable recommendations on all its facets.

  • Recommending possible partnerships with Public and Private Sector, NGOs, International Bodies and International NGOs.

What is Cyber Crime?

Cyber crime consists of illegal activity conducted on a computer. Traditional crimes may be committed while using a computer, but cyber crime consists of more specific types of crimes, such as phishing schemes and viruses. Cyber crime first started with hackers trying to break into computer networks. Some did it just for the thrill of accessing high-level security networks, but others sought to gain sensitive, classified material. Eventually, criminals started to infect computer systems with computer viruses, which led to breakdowns on personal and business computers. Computer viruses are forms of code or malware programs that can copy themselves and damage or destroy data and systems. When computer viruses are used on a large scale, like with bank, government or hospital networks, these actions may be categorized as cyber terrorism. Computer hackers also engage in phishing scams, like asking for bank account numbers, and credit card theft.

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