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Emergency Declared in Maldives for 30 Days
Nov 10, 2015

Maldives President Abdulla Yameen Abdul Gayoom declared an Emergency in the island state on November 4, suspending key provisions of the Constitution and allowing police sweeping powers of search and detention for three months.

The declaration comes days after investigators arrested the country’s Vice-President Ahmed Adeeb Abdul Ghafoor on charges of attempting assassinate the President.

The reason cited for the state of Emergency is because the Maldives National Defence Force and the Maldives Police have discovered a large cache of arms in two different locations in the Maldives. The security forces have information that some individuals are planning to use these weapons and ammunition.

President Gayoom survived a September 28 assassination bid, when a bomb went off on his yatch. The explosion injured several people on-board, including the President’s wife.

Evidence on the explosion remains disputed, with Saudi and Sri Lanka forensics experts saying it was caused by an improvised explosive device, but the US’ FBI asserting it found no evidence of one. Indian experts had also studied the yatch, but have not released their findings.

Suspended Constitutional Provisions

  • Article 19: A citizen is free to engage in any conduct or activity that is not expressly prohibited by Islamic Shari’ah or by law.

  • Article 32: Everyone has the right to freedom of peaceful assembly without prior permission.

  • Article 45: Everyone has the right not to be arbitrarily detained, arrested or imprisoned except as provided by law enacted by the People’s Majlis.

  • Article 47(a): No person shall be subject to search or seizure unless there is reasonable cause.

  • Article 48: Everyone has the right on arrest or detention to be informed immediately of the reasons therefore; to remain silent, except to establish identity, and to be informed of this right; to be brought within 24 hours before a judge.

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