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Economic Survey 2013-14
Jul 10, 2014

Finance Minister Arun Jaitley tabled the Economic Survey for FY 2013-14 in Lok Sabha on July 9.


  • Agriculture sector: Challenges & Reforms Required  

  • Trade deficit improves, falls sharply by 27.8 percent  

  • Developing countries must get judicious Carbon and Development Space in new climate deals  

  • Agricultural Exports Increase by 5.1% in 2013-14, Marine Exports up by 45%  

  • Moderate Deployment of Credit to Industries in 2013-14  

  • Industrial Upturn depends on Improved Policy Environment and Higher Investment Rates  

  • Milk production touches a record high of 132.43 metric tonne in 2012-13  

  • Stepping up Business Environment  

  • Record Production of Food grains & Oilseeds in 2013-14   

  • 16 National Investment and Manufacturing Zones (NIMZS) to boost Manufacturing Sector  

  • Industrial Growth to be revived by Corporate Sector Investment, pushing ahead Critical Reforms and removal of Infrastructure Bottlenecks  

  • Liberalising Agriculture  

  • Human Development to be taken into Account in Formulating and Implementing Social Sector Programmes

  • Massive investment needed in Social Infrastructure, Skill Development and Empowerment of Women

  • Poverty ratio declines to 21.9 per cent  

  • Planning with affirmative action for Inclusion of Women and Children in Growth and Development Process Focused  

  • Regulators adopt Non-Legislative Aspects of FSLRC Report   

  • Biometric Identification to improve Subsidy Schemes   

  • 67.11 lakh members enrolled under the National Pension System with a corpus of  Rs. 51.14 crore

  • GST to be a major milestone for Indirect Tax Reform  

  • Fresh thinking on a Responsible Fiscal Policy Framework required  

  • Low and stable Inflation, Tax and Expenditure Reform and a well-functioning market Economy a Must to Improve Long-Term Growth Prospects  

  • Need to Promote Structural Changes in Manufacturing in the Medium Term

  • Urgent Initiatives in Infrastructure, Iron and Steel, Textiles, Aviation, and Mining  

  • Performance of Core Industries and Infrastructure Services shows a Mixed Trend in 2013-14

  • Growth forecast for next fiscal to remain between 5.4 to 5.9 per cent

  • Next wave of Financial Reforms to strengthen Institutional Foundations for a Globalized India   

  • Economic Survey asks the government to move towards a Low and Stable Inflation Regime through Fiscal Consolidation

  • WPI Inflation shows sign of receding fell to 5.98% during 2013-14  

  • The passage of the PFRDA Act, the shift of commodity futures trading, FSLRC report were the three major milestones of the year 2013-14   

  • Fiscal deficit for 2013-14 contained at 4.5% of the GDP  

  • Fiscal Outcome of Central Government in 2013-14 achieved; Fiscal Deficit contained at 4.5% of the GDP  

  • Long-term borrowings account for 78.2 per cent of Total External Debt  

  • Sustaining Improvement in BoP Position  is a challenge  

  • Large trade deficit in the first quarter

  • External Debt remains within manageable limits  

  • India’s Foreign Exchange Reserves increase  

  • India has the second Fastest Growing Services Sector with compound annual growth rate at 9%

  • Annual Average Exchange Rate goes up  

  • BoP Position improves dramatically in 2013-14  

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