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China's New Rocket Force
Jan 16, 2016

China inaugurated three new missile forces—1. A general command for the army, 2. The People’s Liberation Army (PLA) Strategic Support Force and 3. The PLA Rocket Force. The last one, which replaces the Second Artillery Force, will be in charge of China’s nuclear arsenal.

General Wei Fenghe was named the new force’s first commander. He has a long history with the Second Artillery Force; he served as its chief of staff from 2006-2012 and then as commander-in-chief from 2012 until the service was reconfigured as the Rocket Force. The Second Artillery Force had 50 to 60 inter-continental ballistic missiles.

Salient Features

  • The creation of the Rocket Force is part of a larger move to restructure China’s military with a streamlined command under the direct control of the Central Military Commission. 

  • The new force is considered the fourth branch in China’s military, on equal footing with the PLA Army, Navy, and Air Force.

  • Unlike the Second Artillery Corps, the Rocket Force will command all three divisions of China’s nuclear triad, rather than just controlling land-based nuclear missiles. 

  • The Rocket Force will also be in charge of conventional missiles. 

  • China's newly-formed Rocket Force, a revamped unit of its strategic missile force, may include nuclear submarines and bombers, making it the first independent unit in the world with integrated land, sea and air nuclear forces.

  • After incorporating the navy's strategic nuclear submarine and the air force's strategic bomber, the PLA Rocket Force will be the first independent service with land, sea and air nuclear forces in the world that is much more integrated than those of the US, Russia, Britain and France.

  • It also formed a new Strategic Support Force (SSF) to provide proper electronic and cyber intelligence backup for precision missiles strikes during war.

  • The force has already held its first drills, practicing mobile combat operations and missile launches.

Chinese President Xi Jinping (who is also chairman of the Central Military Commission) called the PLA Rocket Force the “core force of strategic deterrence, a strategic buttress to the country’s position as a major power, and an important building block in upholding national security.” 

He tasked the new force with enhancing China’s nuclear deterrence and counter-strike capabilities, and thus maintaining a strategic balance. 

He also urged the Rocket Force to improve China’s ability to conduct medium- and long-range precision strikes. 

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