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China to Build 110 Nuclear Power Plants
Oct 20, 2015

China plans to build 110 nuclear power plants by 2030 overtaking the US which has 100 such plants. China will invest 500 billion yuan (78.8 billion dollar) on domestically developed nuclear power plants,

  • China will build six to eight nuclear power plants annually for the next five years and operate 110 plants by 2030 to meet the urgent need for clean energy.

  • China plans to increase its electricity generation capacity to 58 Gigawatts by 2020, three times the 2014 level.

  • China currently has 23 nuclear power generating units in operation and 27 under construction, about one-third of the world's unfinished nuclear units.

  • The construction resumed after the Chinese government which put the brakes on nuclear power plant approvals after the Fukushima nuclear accident in Japan in 2011 permitted their construction after a safety review.

  • The urgent need for clean energy to meet increasing power demand and reduce carbon dioxide emissions has led to the renewed development of nuclear projects.

  • China has yet to implement enough measures to develop safety control technology and facilities for nuclear power plants.

  • Four countries (US, Japan, France and the former Soviet Union) which have more than 50 nuclear power plants, suffered from nuclear accidents.

  • China is also aggressively marketing its new 1100 MW nuclear technology abroad. Pakistan and Argentina have already opted for it.

Director of the China Energy Research Society said that China generates only about 2 per cent of its total electricity from nuclear power plants, while the average global proportion is 14 per cent. Using nuclear power could also make China less dependent on imported energy such as gas and oil though safety concerns should not stunt the industry. 

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