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China Wants to Explore India's Expertise in Service Sector & Others
May 06, 2014

Minister-counsellor of the Chinese Embassy in New Delhi, Cheng Guang Zhong says that China sees a huge potential for cooperation between the two countries, especially in economic development. He said, China could gain a lot from India’s expertise in the services sector. China is much developed in industrial sector and is actually facing the problem of over-industrialisation. India is better in the service sector. So it is time for China to learn from Indian experience in the services sector and it can provide its experience to India’s industrial development.

Chinese Ambassador in New Delhi would visit Chennai by month-end and one of the purposes was to identify the place for setting up a Chinese Industrial Park, planned when Prime Minister Manmohan Singh and Chinese Premier Li Keqiang exchanged visits last year. The Chinese Ambassador had already visited Madhya Pradesh, Bihar and a few other States but the place had not been finalised. The specifications of the model of the Park were also not clear. Chinese Minister-counsellor also revealed plans to launch a joint venture project for production of power equipment as there was only one state-owned company in India.

He also said that there is a power crisis in India and that bookings made for equipment would have to wait till 2030. The joint venture project would facilitate manufacture in India itself. It is better than buying equipment directly from China. Both India and China has great future in economic cooperation and the benefit of cooperation is good not only for revitalisation of the two ancient civilisations in the 21st century but also for the Asian Continent as a whole. As long as China and India, the two ancient civilisations, can cooperate and join hands, it is good for world peace, development and prosperity.

According to Minister-counsellor while India and China has plans holding talks for cooperation in the Information Technology and Health sectors, the two countries could have broad cooperation in agriculture also. China also sees a huge potential in the field of infrastructure development and construction, especially in the area of railway, port and road development. When questioned how China could help India in the agricultural sector, he said China’s agricultural revolution has solved the problem of feeding a 1.3-billion population. The two countries could have cooperation on seeds and high production. China is on the way to modernisation of agriculture. Through modernisation we are definitely solving the problems of urbanisation and also creating jobs for farmers.

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