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China Reacts to India-USA Joint Statement
Jan 30, 2015

Reacting on the India-USA Joint Statement China said ASEAN countries along with China would jointly safeguard the peace and stability of the South China Sea region, indicating it wouldn’t allow countries such as the US and India to meddle.

The comments came a day after China bristled at an Indo-US joint statement’s reference to disputes in the South China Sea, saying only countries involved in the matter should work to resolve problems.

  • China is engaged in maritime disputes with several countries in the South and East China Sea over the ownership of a clutch of islands that are said to be sitting on huge reserves of oil and gas.

  • In these island some are belonging to the regional group Association of South East Asian Nations (ASEAN)

  • China said it believes relevant issues should be resolved through dialogue and consultation by parties directly concerned as the present situation in the South China Sea is generally stable.

  • There is consensus between China and ASEAN countries that we will jointly safeguard peace and stability of the South China Sea.

  • Neither freedom of navigation in the sea nor flights has seen problems and there will be none in the future, reiterating China’s position that it won’t take any interference in the region lying down.

Chinese Media Reaction

  • The US’ canvassing of India does not point at petty interests. It serves a big vision.

  • The US hopes that by building India into a constructive and reliable force in its ‘Pivot to Asia’ strategy, it can cultivate a new ally in Asia.

  • India's geopolitical influence and potential strength can give the US much more leverage to gain the upper hand in the game with China.

  • It reminded India about Pakistan’s position in the US’s international diplomatic game.

  • India is not the only country in south Asia the US is trying to court. The US still values its important connections with Pakistan over counter-terrorism, which has become one of India's biggest concerns.

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