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China Builds Hydroelectric Dam on Brahmaputra in Tibet
Nov 27, 2014

China has announced that it has completed a major hydropower dam on the Brahmaputra, called Yarlung Zangbo, in Tibet. The dam is bound to enhance fears in India and Bangladesh about flash floods and related risks like landslides involving lives of millions of people downstream.

Announcing that Tibet's largest hydropower station had become partly operational, China said it would be useful in harnessing the rich water resources of the Yarlung Zangbo to empower the development of the electricity-strapped region.

The first section of the $1.5 billion Zangmu Hydropower Station, which is over 3,300 metre above sea level on the roof of the world, went into operation on November 23. Five other sections are due for completion no later than next year.

China described it as a huge project, which straddles the middle reaches of the roaring Yarlung Zangbo river, which will have power capacity of 510,000Kw after its four-year construction. The project is designed to generate 2.5 billion kilowatt-hours of electricity annually.

India has repeatedly expressed concern about the dangers of damming the Brahmaputra, one of the strongest Himalayan rivers, in upstream areas in Tibet. China has routinely responded saying its plans were restricted to run-off-the-river dams focussed on generating electricity, which posed little danger. India recently said it will commission extensive studies to study the impact of dam building and behavioral changes in the Brahmaputra.

Zangmu is one of the five projects planned on the Brahmaputra to generate a total of 2,000MW of hydro power.

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