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Belarus & India's Cultural Cooperation
Oct 20, 2013

India and Belarus has signed a new cultural exchange program for 2014-16 that will expand the relationship into new areas of collaboration and cooperation. The program was signed by Minister for Culture of Belarus Boris Svetlov and Minister for Culture of India Chandresh Kumari Katoch.

Salient features of the programme:

1. The cultural exchange program will strengthen bilateral cultural relations between India and Belarus, by enabling mutual exchange of cultural troops, theatre groups and exhibitions from art museums from both countries. 

2. Further under the aegis of this agreement, institutional collaborations between the national library of Belarus and the national library of Kolkata will be developed. 

3. It also provides for exchange of research, documentation and research publications through national archives, archeological survey of India and national libraries. This exchange of research documentation will enable knowledge transfer in both countries. 

4. It will also enable collaboration in international music, dance and folk lore festivals and in Exchanging audio and video materials, photographs, slides, publications in the field of performing arts.

5.  It seeks to establish direct links and exchanges between cultural establishment, artistic institutions, artistic unions and artists. 

6. The CEP also provides participation in international film festivals and organization of cinema weeks in both countries. 

India and Belarus have long-term relations in the cultural sphere since 1993, when a general agreement on the questions of culture, sport, education and information had been signed. The embassy of India in Belarus has been encouraging teachings of yoga, Indian classical dances as well as Hindi. India provides four scholarships for learning various aspects of Indian culture to people of Belarus every year - one for Learning Hindi in India is also given by government of India to Belarus every year. Currently 40 scholarships are provided to Belarussian professionals for training in many areas including proficiency in English language and information technology. Nearly 228 professionals from Belarus have availed of these scholarships.


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