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Approval for National Supercomputing Mission
Apr 01, 2015

World-wide supercomputing facilities have enabled countries in their S&T capabilities in areas such as designing vehicles, aeroplanes, massive structures like high rise buildings and bridges, infrastructure , discovery of new life saving drugs, discovery and extraction of new energy sources including oil, natural gas etc. Over the years, supercomputers have benefitted mankind in several ways. Keeping this objective in mind the Union Cabinet has approved the launch of the National Supercomputing Mission. 

Salient Features

  • This is a visionary programme to enable India to leapfrog to the league of world class computing power nations. 

  • The Mission would be implemented and steered jointly by the Department of Science and Technology (DST) and Department of Electronics and Information Technology at an estimated cost of Rs. 4500 crore over a period of seven years. 

  • The Mission envisages empowering our national academic and R&D institutions spread over the country by installing a vast supercomputing grid comprising of more than 70 high-performance computing facilities. 

  • These supercomputers will also be networked on the National Supercomputing Grid over the National Knowledge Network (NKN). 

  • The NKN is another programme of the government which connects academic institutions and R&D labs over a high speed network. 

  • Academic and R&D institutions as well as key user departments/ministries would participate by using these facilities and develop applications of national relevance. 

  • The Mission also includes development of highly professional High Performance Computing (HPC) aware human resource for meeting challenges of development of these applications. 

  • The Mission implementation would bring supercomputing within the reach of the large Scientific & Technology community in the country.

  • It will provide significant qualitative and quantitative improvement in R&D and higher education in the disciplines of Science & Technology; and enable the country with a capacity of solving multi-disciplinary grand challenge problems.

The Mission has been conceptualized and evolved keeping in view the ever increasing computing demand of the scientific and academic community in the country, international technology trends and roadmaps of leading countries in the area, strategic importance and emergence of supercomputing as a benchmark for Scientific & Technological advancements.

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