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Anti-Tank Missile 'Nag' Successfully Test-Fired
Jan 28, 2016

The Indian Defence Research and Development Organisation, DRDO, successfully test-fired the indigenously developed missile Nag, an anti-tank weapon. Recently, the missile was fired from a helicopter at the Mahajan Field Firing Range in Jaisalmer, Rajasthan.

  • A three-round trial of the helicopter-launched version of the Nag, aptly named HeliNa, was carried out. 

  • It was tested at night to determine the capability of the infrared seeker, which guides the missile to the target after it has been launched.

  • A Thermal Target System was used as the target, which gives out a similar thermal signature similar to a tank, in order to simulate the presence of an operational tank.

  • The HeliNa has been developed under the Integrated Guided Missile Development Programme (IGMDP).

  • It was aimed to hit targets at varied distances up to 7 km.

  • The third-generation fire-and-forget missile HeliNa had been tested earlier as well. Earlier experiments conducted at the Pokhran Firing Range and the Integrated Test Range (ITR) at Chandipur were also successful. 

  • The third-generation fire-and-forget missile has been developed by the DRDO at a cost of $44.8 million. 

  • The Imaging Infra Red sensor-based guidance makes for high-hit accuracy. The optical seeker ensures that it is less susceptible to jamming.

  • It has a weight of 42 kg and can hit targets as far as 4 km. 

  • Nag is the first ever missile to incorporate a complete fibreglass structure.

Besides the helicopter-based version HeliNa, it also has land, air launched and shoulder-launched versions. The air-launched version, which can be fired from a combat aircraft, has a range of up to 10 km and can carry a warhead weighing 8 kg. The HeliNa will be integrated with the Dhruv, an Advanced Light Helicopter developed indigenously by the Hindustan Aeronautics Limited.

Helpline Number : 87501 87501
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