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Agni-2 Successfully Test-fired
Nov 11, 2014

India test-fired the nuclear weapon-capable Agni-II ballistic missile for its full strike range of 2,000 km from Wheeler Island off the Odisha Coast around on 9 November. Personnel of the Strategic Forces Command (SFC) fired the surface-to-surface missile from a mobile launcher. The 20-metre-tall Agni-II zoomed to an altitude of 600 km and began its descent before splashing near its pre-designated impact point in the Bay of Bengal with two-digit accuracy.

The two-stage sophisticated missile equipped with advanced high accuracy navigation system, guided by a novel scheme of state of the earth command and control system was propelled by solid rocket propellant system.

A battery of sophisticated radars, electro-optical systems and telemetry stations along the east coast tracked the trajectory and monitored various parameters of the missile from the launch till the terminal phase during the 14-minute flight. Two downrange ships recorded the final event as the dummy warhead detonated.

The exercise was carried out as regular user training under the supervision of missile scientists from the Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO), which designed and developed the weapon system. The two-stage missile has been inducted for military use and can carry a one-tonne payload.

Agni-II is part of the Agni series of missiles developed by DRDO which includes Agni-I with 700 km range, Agni-III with 3,000 km range, Agni-IV with 4000 km range and Agni-V more than 5,000 km range.

The last trial of Agni-II conducted on April 7, 2013 from the same base was a total success.

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