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Afghan Peace Talks Fail
Jun 12, 2015

Taliban negotiators based in Qatar have rejected proposals to come to terms with the Afghan government. 

  • The Taliban have demanded that a new Sharia-based Constitution be written by a council belonging to an Islamist group. 

  • They have also asked for the withdrawal of the residual US forces in Afghanistan. 

  • The US and Qatar are trying to mount pressure on the Taliban to persuade them to come to the conference table. 

  • The US has extended the year-long house arrest of five Taliban commanders released from Guantanamo Bay.

  • The deadlock over talks reflects a deep division in the Taliban leadership in Pakistan. 

Top Taliban leader Akhtar Mohammad Mansour backed by the Pakistan ISI has been strongly in favour of opening negotiations with Islamabad. But his efforts have been set at naught by the powerful military commander, Abdul Qayum Zakir who commands thousands of Taliban fighters in eastern Afghanistan. Pro-talks Tayaeb Agha’s relationship with the ISI has been soured by the suspicion that he is seeking to bypass the Pakistani intelligence agency’s authority. The Taliban have condemned the extension of the house arrest as a violation of international law.

The failure of talks comes amidst the most successful Taliban summer offensive in years, which has inflicted crippling losses on Afghanistan’s security forces. In addition, Taliban-linked groups have made significant gains in the country’s northern regions.

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