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11th UIC World Security Congress
Dec 15, 2015

The 11th UIC Global Security Congress was recently organized in New Delhi by the Security Directorate of Indian Railways in collaboration with International Union of Railways (UIC), headquartered in Paris.

The conference was attended by Security Chiefs of the Railway Systems of various countries apart from representatives of UIC, Indian Railways, police and security agencies of India.

Jean-Pierre Loubinoux, Director-General of the International Union of Railways (UIC) and delegates of member countries also attended the conference.

  • This year, the conference with the title agenda, Security of Rail Systems, Operations and Business Activities, focussed on:

  • Asia-pacific regional security issues and consequent challenges to railway systems.

  • Growing complexity of railway system and the importance of the security in achieving short, medium and long term goals.

  • Resource constraints and burden of expectations on security agencies, especially in the context of South Asia.

  • Preparing for crisis management and mitigation of consequences of incidents in railways.

  • Passenger security issues: Problems and Solutions.

  • Freight Security issues: Problems and Solutions. 

  • A panel discussion on ‘International Cooperation in developing best practices, implementation of modern technology and training of personnel’ was also held.

What is UIC?

  • International Union of Railways (UIC) is the professional association in existence from 1922, representing the railway sector and promoting rail transport worldwide. 

  • There are 6 UIC regional assemblies for Africa, Asia, North America, South America, Europe and Middle-East. 

  • UIC is on a mission to promote interoperability and standardization of rail transport, increase cooperation and sharing of best practices, support members in new business and new areas of activities, and to propose improved technical and environmental performance of rail transport, improve competitiveness and reduce costs.

  • On 8 December 2009, the UIC Executive Board and General Assembly decided to additionally focus on 5 key areas to be developed in the interest of the worldwide railway community namely Environment, Safety and Security, Signalling, Freight/ Freight Corridors and Standardization.

  • The security platform was created by the Executive Board of UIC in June-2006 and was restructured in 2008 at Global Level. This security platform is responsible for organizing such international events from time to time on the issues defending common interest of UIC members in the security field, promoting the exchange of information and experiences among the Security Directors of UIC members, proposed common interest, index projects at Global and regional level as dictated by members’ requirements or external event.

The last edition of the UIC Global Security Congress was organized in Lisbon, Portugal in the year 2014. It focused on the concept of Comprehensive Rail System Protection. In India, two earlier security events were organized by Indian Railways (RPF) in collaboration with UIC in Delhi & Mumbai in the year 2006 & 2010. In Delhi, the focus was on growing challenges of Terrorism in global railways, while in Mumbai it focused on security challenges and high speed developments.

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