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UPSC Interview Preparation Tips
Jan 23, 2015

In the UPSC interview board, generally there are five members with the chairperson seated at the centre along with panel of senior officers/educationists, psychologists, eminent personalities etc.

Basics :

  • The interview nowadays is known as a Personality Test. The reason being that it is not a test of knowledge, but of the overall personality of the candidate/aspirant.

  • Interview is more of a psychological test than just content-based. Along with good communicative skills and self-confidence, good knowledge base no doubt gives you an upper hand. However, it has to be borne in mind that nearly all the aspirants/candidates in the Personality Test start more or less as equals in the sphere of knowledge base.

  • One is not expected to know everything under the sun. If you do not know the answer to a particular question, do not hesitate to say - I don't know, Sir/Ma'm. However, even "I don't know Sir/Ma'm" should be said confidently and with a reasonable amount of cheerfulness. Remember - your knowledge levels have been thoroughly checked during the earlier stages of the CSE - viz Prelims and Mains.

  • Always remember that the interview is not a cross examination, but a natural, purposeful conversation.

  • Keep a photocopy of the form filled for the Mains examination handy. Most of the initial questions - viz the meaning of your name, educational background, professional experience, hobbies etc. will be based on this form only. Try to prepare on your bio-data; roughly 70% questions are based on bio-data, 20% questions are based on your subject and 10% are based on current affairs.


The Board will check you for certain traits - such as:

o Honesty and integrity, 

o Logical argument,

o Balance of opinion, 

o Leadership skills,

o Mental alertness and responsiveness

o Variety and depth of interest

o Patience 

o Firmness and commitment 

o Social cohesion,

o Moral integrity,

o Acumen, your response to a peculiar situation, your views on varied  topics.


Types of questions asked at the UPSC interview

During Interview :

About yourself :

About your College :


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