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Q. Protection of Western Ghats: Discuss the need of strong environment protection law to protect Western Ghats.
Mar 06, 2017 Related to : GS Paper-3

Ans :


The central government (the environment ministry) once again dithered from bringing into force a law that will make about 56,825 sq km of the ecologically-rich Western Ghats out of bounds for industrial development for second time in three years. The western ghat’s fragile mountainous forests needs be protected from unsustainable exploitation in the interests of present and future generations.


  • Recently the government resuscitated a draft notification that was first published in March 2014 that specified how much land in various coastal States encompassing the Western Ghats would be earmarked as practically-inviolate. 
  • The government has not converted notifications into law due to objections from States. The notification was lapsed in September 2015, a fresh draft notification with the same numbers was reintroduced recently.


  • The Ghats play an irreplaceable role in mediating the monsoon over the country and the forests harbour a rich biodiversity that has not even been fully studied. Various study reports contradicts with another. 
  • The issue of Western Ghats has been framed as one of development-versus-conservation. Given the weak effort at forging a consensus on this, there is little purpose in the Centre returning to the drawing board with another draft notification to identify ecologically sensitive areas. 
  • The various studies on demarcating sensitive areas have encountered resistance from State governments and industries, although they mutually differ in their recommendations.

What can be done-?

  • The government has find speedy resolution is how much of the Western Ghats can be demarcated as ecologically sensitive, going beyond the system of national parks and sanctuaries that already exist.
  • The other areas free to be exploited for industrial activity, including mining and deforestation must be ensured with no environmental damages.
  • The assessment of ecosystem services delivered by the forests, lakes, rivers and their biodiversity to communities must be made with proper clarity.
  • Similarly government should bring opposing states on board and must bring a strong environment protection law. 


The ecosystem of Westerns Ghats is very sensitive and there is an urgent need to protect that from ongoing exploitation. In this background there is need of strong law to protect our sensitive ecosystem. Hence central government should bring states on board to must bring strong law to protect Western Ghats.

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