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Q. New motor vehicles bill: Analyse the importance of proposed Motor Vehicle bill. 2016.
Apr 13, 2017 Related to : GS Paper-2

Ans :

Recently the Lok Sabha has passed Motor Vehicles (Amendment) Bill in the budget session of Parliament. The bill takes some time to come into force, since it has not cleared the Rajya Sabha in just concluded budget session of the Parliament. The changes proposed in the amendment bill are significant and those were aimed at creating more safety on our roads.

Its importance-

  • The central government will introduce guidelines that bind State governments in several areas, it reflects the direct role of central government in ensuring the road safety.
  • These guidelines aimed at creating a framework for taxicab aggregators, financing insurance to treat the injured and to compensate families of the dead in hit-and-run cases.
  • Similarly central government will prescribe standards for electronically monitoring highways and urban roads for enforcement and modernising driver licensing.


  • India has witnessed highest number of road accidents in last few years, more that 1.4 lakh people killed in 2015. Road accidents kill about 400 people every day in India and it has huge negative impact on Indian economy.
  • There is a dire need to have clear rules and transparent processes in all these areas, since transport bureaucracies have remained unresponsive to the needs of a growing economy that is witnessing a steady rise in motorisation.
  • With provisions to improve the overall transport eco-system by supporting States in improving public transport and last mile connectivity, the Bill may also make travel easier for the common man. 
  • The Bill also aims to reduce the corruption and waiting time in vehicle registration and licensing through the use of automation and e-governance.
  • The amendments to the MV Act set enhanced penalties for several offences, notably drunken driving, speeding, jumping red lights and so on will large extent will reduce the road accidents.
  • But the issue of ineffective enforcement, which is the norm will may affect to realise the objectives of amendments. Without an accountable and professional police force, the ghastly record of traffic fatalities will not change automatically.


The proposed amendments in Motor Vehicles bill are largely aimed at ensuring the road safely and effectively reduce the road accidents. Central government taking direct responsibility in prescribing norms, but it should take all stakeholders on board. Similarly issue of implementation should be addressed effectively to realise the objectives of road safety.

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