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Q. New age terror: In the backdrop of recent terror attack in Bangladesh (Dhaka), discuss the issue of new age terror which operates through modern tools and technics.
Jul 07, 2016 Related to : GS Paper-3

Ans :


Recently Dhaka, capital city of Bangladesh witnessed severe terror attack which killed more than 20 people. The attack was carried about 5 young terrorists, some of them were educated and well-to-do families. 

New age terror (how it is contrast to the earlier perception)

  • Earlier there was perception among commentators, security agencies and others that terror organisations like ISIS are exploiting the poor and the illiterate to recruit them for their radical cause.

  • But in present increasingly ubiquitous nature of IT-enabled communication mediums, groups like ISIS are motivating and harvesting recruits over the internet. Recently unearthed ISIS modules by Indian security agencies in places like Roorkee and Hyderabad that were formed along similar lines.

  • The recent Dhaka terror attack has reinforced the image of the new age terrorist. Three of the Dhaka attackers apparently were from well-to-do families and studied in elite schools and they were radicalised over the internet.

How it works?

  • Terrorists organisation like ISIS are increasingly using IT-enabled communication mediums for motivating and radicalising the youths. Through the same medium they are recruiting them.   

  • After recruitment, these youths receives instructions from their handlers online, obtain money through hawala networks. Then they were trained through various mediums.

  • Once training completes either they join the plan formulated by the organisation or they themselves formulates plans to terror attack in public places to create fear among public.

How to contain?

  • To tackle the new age terror, security agencies need to adopt modern, sophisticated and multidimensional approach.

  • There is need of effective monitoring of online activities of suspected terror recruits and their handlers, which will help to contain them at initial stage itself.

  • Government needs to organise counter-radicalisation programmes with the help of community leaders and clerics to counter extremist ideology.

  • As these terror modules are funded through secrete financial channels and hawala networks, hence these there a need of immediate mechanism to crack down these channels.


Terrorism is greatest threat to humanity in contemporary era. With increasing usage of modern tools and technics, terror organisations are radicalising youths at their teen age only. And these are creating horror in public places by creating innocent people. Modus operandi of this new age terror group is substantially different from traditional technic and it is too dangerous. Hence government and security agencies across the world needs work in collaboration to contain this greatest threat.

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