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Q. Larger pictorial warnings on cigarette packages: Discuss the need of larger pictorial warning on tobacco products.
May 10, 2016 Related to : GS paper-2

Ans :


Recently Supreme Court asked domestic tobacco companies to adhere to its earlier directive of mandating 85% pictorial warnings on cigarette packages.  The new regulation is aimed at discouraging the growing numbers of smokers in the country and to curb the diseases caused by tobacco use.

Why larger pictorial warnings on tobacco products?

  • According to recent study 47% of males and 14% females in India use tobacco products and which likely to cause for about 13.3% deaths in India.

  • According to World Health Organisation, In India about one million people die each year from tobacco-related diseases. By 2020, that number is expected to touch 1.5 million.

  • In India the quality healthcare is expensive and out of the reach of many, the cost of treating tobacco-related diseases is very high, and pushes many into poverty. In 2011 study conducted by government estimated that the economic burden of tobacco-triggered diseases was about $22.4 billion.

  • According to World Bank report, India accounts 12% of world’s smokers and by 2030, 70% of tobacco-related deaths will occur in low and middle income countries with India recording the highest rate.


  • In India more than 70% of smokers buy loose cigarettes and loose cigarettes carry no warning, which makes pictorial warning less distraction.

  • The families of tobacco-growers and workers in tobacco industries may be adversely affected due to new regulation.

  • There are countries which have strong interests in the tobacco crop, tobacco industries are using these countries in its battle in WTO, whose decision may have impact on other countries.


  • Government should effectively implement the directives of apex court and organise mass awareness camps more aggressively to discourage usage of tobacco.

  • Government should develop alternative option for people who are dependent on tobacco products for their livelihood, so that new regulation should not hurt those families.

  • Government should make new norms like pictorial warnings on loose cigarettes, heavy tax on both production and consumption of tobaccos etc.


Consumption of tobacco is one of biggest health problem in India. The larger pictorial warning is one of the effective steps to discourage usage of tobacco and we need to bring such unconventional practices against all tobacco products. Government should issue strict warning to tobacco companies to implement directives of apex court and should penalise heavily who violates it.

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