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Q. Is nuclear security summit will block terror groups obtaining nuclear weapons?
Apr 05, 2016 Related to : GS-Paper 2 and 3

Ans :


The Nuclear Security Summit (NSS) is a world summit which is aimed at preventing nuclear terrorism around the globe. Recently the fourth summit was held in Washington, USA and many world leaders were participated in the summit.


Terrorist organisations across the world are well networked and enjoy synergy with each other. There is fear among world leaders that may get access to nuclear bombs. Recent revelations about Islamic State terrorists had tracked a Belgian nuclear scientist could be a warning of worse things to come. Pakistan in recent years dramatically ramped up its nuclear weapons stockpile including tactical battlefield nukes. Given Pakistan’s long-standing policy of supporting terror groups, the possibility of extremists acquiring the mini-nukes is very real. The prospect of IS getting its hands on a nuclear bomb or even nuclear material to make dirty bombs is terrifying, hence nuclear terrorism one of the greatest threats to international security.

4th Nuclear Security Summit-

In this background nuclear security summit gained the importance.  The fourth summit showcased definite successes in some agreements like global reduction in nuclear weapons, the global reduction in nuclear material stockpiles, the increased security on nuclear facilities etc. However the summit did not address core nuclear non-proliferation issues like the test ban treaty or fissile material production. Also absence of Russia, which has largest nuclear weapons in the world and behaviour of China and its approach towards Pakistan, has raised many questions about nuclear security.

India’s Role-

India’s role in improving nuclear security have been considerable like establishing a rigorous legislative framework for developing nuclear resources and a Global Centre for Nuclear Energy Partnership, the contribution to the Nuclear Security Fund, and participation in UN and IAEA joint mechanisms to strengthen nuclear security etc. India asked world community to synergies their actions against terror activities.


The best to block terror groups obtaining nuclear bombs is to enhance nuclear security across the board and crack down on any illicit nuclear trade. Hence every country should commit to work together to foster a peaceful and stable international environment by reducing the threat of nuclear terrorism and striving for a more inclusive, coordinated, sustainable and robust global nuclear security architecture for the common benefit and security of all.

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