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Q. Draft National Education Policy 2016: Is recently released draft National Education Policy 2016 will improve the state of school education in India?
Jul 04, 2016 Related to : GS Paper-2

Ans :


Recently central government has released the draft of New Education Policy 2016. The recent report by the human resource development ministry reveals absolutely horrifying state of education and points out various challenges. The draft policy aims to fix the various existing problems in the education system.

Issues in education system-

  • Indian education system is suffering from various problems. An estimate shows that there is a shortage of more than 5 lakh teachers in elementary schools. Similarly teacher absenteeism has plagued our education system for many years.
  • Majority of teachers lack adequate subject knowledge and required teaching skills which has resulted in poor quality of classroom transaction and learning levels.  The poor quality of school education is a direct result of poor quality of teacher education and teacher training.
  • There is also issue of lack of infrastructure and many schools in India do not have basic infrastructures like proper classroom, toilets, labs etc.

How new policy will solve these issues-

  • The draft of New Education Policy 2016 focuses on addressing gender discrimination, the creation of educational tribunals, and a common curriculum for science, mathematics and English. It also wants revision of no-detention policy by bringing back Class 10 board examinations
  • It also lists a comprehensive roster of gaps in the current system. It highlights the need for robust and universal pre-school education and making learning outcomes as the core of school performance.
  • Policy recognises the importance of teachers, and envisages for not just proficient but also accountable teachers. But provisions outlined for ensuring may not ensure accountability.  Hence schools and their management committees must hire teachers and have disciplinary control over them.
  • It will improve accountability, do away with transfer politics and ensure that every school has the requisite number of teachers. School administrators, working with the management committee, are best placed to determine the kind of teachers required.
  • It calls for political and financial devolution to the lowest tier of government and constant public engagement to ensure that local governance does not degenerate into local harassment. This will definitely ensure the effective functioning of schools.


The draft of New Education Policy 2016 makes many good provisions regarding to curriculum, providing for a national core to be complemented with diverse local inputs. It also tries to address the issues related shortage of teachers, absenteeism of teachers, infrastructures etc.  There is need of effective mechanism to maintain both autonomy and accountability of functioning schools and government ensure adequate mechanism for that. If proposed policy implemented effectively, it will improve the school education to great extent.

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