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बेसिक इंग्लिश का दूसरा सत्र (कक्षा प्रारंभ : 22 अक्तूबर, शाम 3:30 से 5:30)
Q. Cauvery Management Board: Comment on Supreme Courts direction to centre to set up Cauvery Management Board.
Sep 22, 2016 Related to : GS Paper-2

Ans :


Recently Supreme Court of India has directed central government to set up the Cauvery Management Board within four weeks. The setting up of board was envisaged by tribunal in its 2007 order, but it was put on hold due to further litigation in Cauvery issue. To handle the water-sharing dispute rationally court has directed centre to set up board.

Cauvery Management Board-

  • This board will create space for the water-sharing dispute to be handled in a scientific and responsible manner by a legally constituted technical body.
  • The board is assisted by a regulation committee, it is the mechanism prescribed by the Cauvery water disputes tribunal in its final order for implementing its award.
  • It will be a technical body consisting of irrigation engineers and agronomists, and will have independent members as well as representatives of the basin States.
  • It can formulate the manner in which water should be shared in a season of distress situation.


  • Cauvery water sharing dispute has been turned more sensitive, and centre government felt difficulty in intervention. The recent court order reflects how judicial intervention often resolves questions that the executive finds too sensitive to handle.
  • The Apex Court has done a significant service in nudging the Centre to provide a legal and technical framework for the equitable distribution of water.
  • Currently both states are facing severe water distress. Hence there is requirement such permanent mechanisms, technical panels and seasonal adjudication, a spirit of accommodation is required among the basin States.
  • Hence both states and centre needs to come forward and co-operate each other in setting up of board and implementing court order. Being emotive issue, there is need of permanent solution.


Recent court order reflects helpless of governments in solving water disputes amicably. Now as per apex court order centre should formulate Cauvery management board, and both state should cooperate each other in distress times. Karnataka and Tamilnadu should come together to take the stock of situation and must adjust cropping pattern as per availability of water.

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