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Q. Ban of diesel vehicles in Delhi: Is ban of diesel vehicles in Delhi violates natural justice? Discuss
Jul 20, 2016 Related to : GS Paper- 2 and 3

Ans :


With pollution reaching alarming levels in the capital, recently the National Green Tribunal (NGT) directed deregistration of all diesel vehicles in Delhi which are over 10 years old. Later NGT modified its order a bit by saying that the diesel vehicles which are 15 years old should be deregistered first.


Many argued that this ban is illogical and should be challenged. Further they said that this order likely to make little or no difference to pollution levels, but it would affect to people who runs cabs and trucks, diesel vehicle manufacture and also to investors.

Is banning old diesel vehicles in Delhi violates natural justice?

  • The ban will cause definite distress to people who have borrowed money to earn a livelihood by plying cabs and trucks. Their loans would not be serviced and their lenders would be in trouble.
  • Diesel taxi, truck owners and drivers who have duly registered and paid road tax, now suddenly find their jobs and incomes threatened. Revoking registration really amounts to dumping their vehicles as scrap.
  • Automobile companies that invested in diesel vehicle manufacture will get difficulties by this decision and it also affects their future production. The ban will have impact on global investors and it will affect investment in India.
  • Hence ban has multiple effects not only on drivers and owners of diesel vehicles, but also affects the investment environment. Like retrospective taxation, it also violates natural justice.


  • Banning diesel vehicle without any alternative solution won’t yield any result. Hence government should plan alternative options to those who lost jobs due to this order.
  • Government should prepare comprehensive plan to curb the pollution. It should make speedily move to adopt BS IV fuel nationally and thereon to BS VI.


Diesel is one of the major causes for pollution, but banning diesel vehicles won’t curb the pollution. There are many other causes for growing pollution.  This ban will affects livelihood of many and also affects the investment environment in India. Hence instead of such piece meal approach, government should comprehensively plan to curb the pollution.

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