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Q. BCCI Fiasco and Court intervention: Comment on recent order of apex court on BCCI fiasco.
Jan 03, 2017 Related to : GS Paper-2

Ans :


Recently Supreme Court of India has removed the President and Secretary of Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) on the ground of contempt of court as well as prosecution for perjury.

Issue and Background-

  • The management of BCCI has been accused of large scale corruption, nepotism and favouritism. 
  • In its July verdict, the apex court has asked to BCCI to carry out institutional reforms on the lines recommendations of court appointed Justice Lodha Committee.
  • Instead of carrying out reforms the BCCI responded with obstructionist tactics and defiance by citing various difficulties. 
  • In this background the apex court has sacked the president and secretary of the BCCI for defying its order.


  • The BCCI which administers the resource rich popular game in India was accused of various scandals. Hence there is an urgent need to establish accountability and transparency in the working of BCCI.
  • The BCCI has never tried to carry out any reforms even after warning of apex court and defied court order by citing technical difficulties. Hence it is the BCCI as only itself to blame for its present predicament.
  • None of this would have happened had the BCCI shown some sense of responsibility and a vision for the future, and recognised the fact that the highest court was only seeking to reform the manner in which cricket is administered in the country. 
  • When the governing body of a sport assumes a split personality, appointing Team India in its role as a public body, and refusing to subject its internal functioning to public scrutiny on the ground that it is a private body, the institutional reforms are inevitable.
  • In this background, though the apex court action at looks like judicial activism, but it is the job of judiciary to ensure transparency and accountability of the public body. Hence its ongoing actions are inevitable. 


The BCCI is resource rich organisation and administers the cricket in India. Though they call themselves as private body but act its role as public body. It is accused of various scandalous hence reforms are inevitable. In this background the recent order of apex court is right step towards establishing transparency and accountability in BCCI. 

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