SLDE and GHG Calculator | 29 Jul 2021

Why in News

Recently, the government has launched the Secured Logistics Document Exchange (SLDE) along with a Calculator for GreenHouse Gas (GHG) Emissions to boost Ease-Of-Doing Business in the country.

Key Points

  • Secured Logistics Document Exchange:
    • The SLDE platform is a solution to replace the present manual process of generation, exchange and compliance of logistics documents with a digitized, secure and seamless document exchange system.
    • It will enable generation, storage and interchange of logistics-related documents digitally using Aadhaar and blockchain-based security protocols for data security and authentication
    • It will also provide a complete audit trail of document transfer, faster execution of transactions, lower cost of shipping and overall carbon footprint, easy verification of authenticity of documents, lowered risk of fraud, etc.
  • GreenHouse Gas Emission Calculator:
    • The GHG Calculator is an efficient, user-friendly tool and provides for calculating and comparing GHG emissions across different modes.
    • It allows for commodity-wise comparison of GHG emissions and total cost of transportation, including their environmental cost, between movement by road and rail.
    • The tool is intended to facilitate appropriate modal choice for all concerned.
  • Benefits:
    • Improved Efficiency:
      • Initiatives will improve logistics efficiency, reduce logistics cost, and promote multi-modality and sustainability in a big way, also help fill the gap areas where no action has yet been taken either by private players or any of the line ministries.
    • Achieving Targets:
      • It will help achieve the targets of improved India’s ranking in Logistics Performance Index (LPI), reduction in logistics cost and establishment of indigenous India-specific metrics for continual improvement in logistics.
        • India ranked 44th on the LPI in 2018.
  • Related Initiatives:
    • Dedicated Freight Corridor (DFC):
      • It is a high speed and high capacity railway corridor that is exclusively meant for the transportation of freight, or in other words, goods and commodities.
    • National Logistics Law 2020:
      • It aims to streamline the logistics ecosystem in the country, with a view to promote growth of the sector and also to add impetus to enhance export competitiveness and ranking in LPI.
    • Logix India 2019:
    • Multimodal Logistics Park:
      • The park will reduce trade cost by 10% and have cargo capacity of 13 million metric tons (MMT) per year.
    • Fast Tracking Freight in India:
      • Recently it was launched to make goods transport cost-effective and to reduce India’s logistics cost.
    • Port Community System ‘PCS1x’:
      • The platform has the potential to revolutionize maritime trade in India and bring it at par with global best practices and pave the way to improve the Ease of Doing Business world ranking and LPI ranks.

Source: PIB