IL-38 Aircraft | 19 Jan 2023

Why in News?

Indian Navy's IL-38 Aircraft will take part in the 74th Republic Day celebrations at the Kartavya Path for the first time and perhaps the last time.

  • It will be among the 50 aircraft including 9 Rafales of the Indian Air Force- will take part in the event.

What is an IL-38 Aircraft?

  • IL-38 is a maritime reconnaissance aircraft that was commissioned into the Indian Navy in 1977 and remained a formidable air asset throughout its service life for nearly 44 years.
  • It was with the induction of IL 38 aircraft that the Navy moved into the arena of airborne Long Range Maritime Reconnaissance (LRMR) combined with long range anti-submarine search and strike, anti-shipping strike, electronic signal intelligence and distant SAR.
  • The IL 38 is an all-weather aircraft with long endurance and substantial operating range. Having clocked nearly 10,000 hours of operational flying.

Source: IE