Transforming Major UP Cities into Solar Hubs | 10 Feb 2024

Why in News?

Recently, the Uttar Pradesh government has unveiled plans to develop 17 major cities of the state as solar cities, along with Ayodhya and Varanasi.

Key Points

  • The Government of Uttar Pradesh is making efforts to establish Ayodhya as the state's first solar city.
    • Preparations are underway to inaugurate a large-scale solar plant in Varanasi, further cementing Uttar Pradesh's status as a frontrunner in the solar energy sector,"
  • A remarkable 14 MW of solar energy is already being generated in Ayodhya, while an additional 40 MW capacity has already been installed and the production is poised to start soon".
  • The Solar City project in Ayodhya encompasses the installation of over 2,500 solar-powered street lights, underscoring the city's commitment to sustainability.
    • The CM of UP inaugurated a solar boat in Ayodhya.
  • Ayodhya also boasts solar-powered amenities such as ATMs and solar trees adorning its 40 intersections, epitomizing the city's embrace of renewable energy solutions.
  • The focus now shifts to Varanasi, where plans are to install rooftop solar plants across government buildings.
    • Varanasi is slated to witness the installation of 25,000 rooftop solar plants, positioning it as a beacon of solar innovation.